ULTIMATE RAVE BINGO  – Friday 27th May 2022
27th May 2022 - 6:00 pm
Life Science Centre

BINGO BONANZA is about to get proper naughty! – Starts at 8pm

It’s a little similar to normal Bingo but less rubbish and very controversial 👀
Bingo Bonanza is the Toon’s first Bingo event and will be a night of unimaginable fun, full of throwback classics to modern bangers, it’s a great way to escape and have a massive party!

Expect ridiculous prizes from a week’s worth of super noodles to some bog roll or maybe you might get your hands on an adult toy. Who knows what else!!!! 😈

This isn’t the kind of bingo you necessarily want to win! 🤪

All tickets purchased are for the show only. Participation in the bingo is free of charge and at your own discretion. Once you’re at the venue you don’t need to buy anything other than your drinks! 🍻

This show isn’t for the faint-hearted!

Message @bingobonanzancl on Instagram for more info!

It costs 50p to play 9 games on any given night. All stakes are paid out in prizes to winners the same night.

A ticket for entry to the venue entitles you to participate in all of the other entertainment and performances excluding Bingo. We reserve the right to amend our entry charges from time to time.

Bingo Bonanza will clearly communicate the prizes that you can win in each game.

Bingo Bonanza will determine the winner of each game.


Life Science Centre Life Science Centre International Centre for Life Times Square
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4EP
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